Album Cover
Twisted Truth
The Scars Heal In Time
Released: Apr 3, 2011
Label: None
Our first release Twisted Truth.
1. Love Or Death
2. Dear Sam
3. Pretty Little Whore
+ a secret item:o
It could be an autograph.. A piece of candy.. A letter. An autographed piece of candy wrapped in a a letter! The possibilities are endless!


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The Scars Heal In Time Womans Tank Top
Also available in pink and in white. These DO NOT run small. Order your regular size.
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The Scars Heal In Time Womans T-Shirt
Pink isn't you? Luckily we also have this design available is black and in white! Be aware that they run a little small so go up a size if you aren't sure.
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The Scars Heal In Time Mens T-Shirt
We didn't have a male model for this shirt, but as you can tell it looks great on chicks, too! She is wearing a small in this photo so generally a large should be big enough for a big manly man such as Bill, our virtual male model |_o_O_o_| <- Bill
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The Scars Heal In Time Girls T-Shirt
These shirt are very small and we would recommend only getting them for kids or super skinny people:)


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The Scars Heal In Time Bracelet
Who doesn't love jelly bracelets? Perfect for Girls, boys, kids, teenagers, babies, adults and even the elderly. That's right. Go ahead and order one for Grandma.

Rare and Collectible

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For an idea on what your surprise might be think something along the lines of (But not limited to) unique show memorabilia, handmade art, letters full of love and crazy pictures of us being stupid<3

Once again thank you and we love you!!