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Jan 20, 2015:Track The Scars Heal In Time on Bandsintown for local concert alerts!
Jan 17, 2015:? Playing Live: Liberty, TX - Feb 28 at Trinity Valley Exposition, Inc.
Jan 17, 2015:? Just Announced: Sparks, OK - Jun 24 at Sparks America Campgrounds
Brand New Shiny Single!

Our brand new single Walk Away!
Let us know what you think!

It is available for name your price (Even FREE!) download Here!

Tom Tom Magazine
"Tayler Smith is a rocker chick if you've ever seen one. The girl oozes style, edge and rock n' roll." [Read More...]
National magazine cover.

Tayler landed the cover in Tom Tom Magazine! Check out the little interview below<3  


   First off we just want to welcome you to our brand new website. Isn't it nice? Feel free to click through all of the tabs and look around a bit. Sign up for our mailing list to get discounts on merch and a bunch of other cool stuff! We are always looking for new ways to make our fans feel appreciated so if you have any ideas please click on the contact tab and share:)

    As most of you know we went into the studio with Jason Sewell (Of One-Eyed Doll) and recorded our new single, Walk Away, a few months back and we should have the final mix sometime real soon so keep your eyes (And ears) open for it! We will also be recording a music video for said song with the oober talented Josh Vargas (Houston local horror film scene prodigy. Check him out here! Sway is probably the most disturbing thing you will ever watch. Love it!) this March once he finishes shooting for his new movie which we can't give you details on until March but trust us when we say it is going to be epic.

    Two of our biggest show are coming up! This March SXSW in Austin at Texas Rockfest and June at Rockapalooza in Jackson, Michigan. We don't have much information on either of these and won't until later this month but as soon as we get the information y'all will be the first to know. Our sponsor for Rockfest is Bright Delivery Service in Pasadena, Texas. We want to give them a huge thak you for all of the support... THANK YOU!!! We will have tickets for Rockapalooza available for purchase soon through our online store. Kids ages 10 and under get in for FREE and it's during the summer so make a road trip out of it if you don't live in the Jackson area. We would love to see you there! The main acts are Puddle Of Mudd, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, (Newly announced) Saliva, Rehab, Afroman, Coolio and The Sick Puppies! We are so far beyond excited and can't even explain how grateful we are to get to play on the main stage with all of these amazing bands! And there is no way we would be here without all of you. We have the greatest fans ever and we love you to death. We'll post more information as soon as we get it. Thanks everyone!

\m/ and <3  - Kayla/Tayler

New website!

Hey everyone! We are working to get this new site up and running as fast as possible. Thank you for being patient and bearing with us.

Indie Spotlight Top 30 Bands of 2011
#18-The Scars Heal In Time [Read More...]
Houston Music Scene Awards
"2011’s AMBITION Award goes to: THE SCARS HEAL IN TIME!
This band is made up of the hardest working females in the industry."
The Scars Heal In Time
"In the heart of the Houston, the largest city in Texas, you'll find two young musicians doing what bands twice their age have yet to accomplish. The Scars Heal In Time, which had their first practice in late July, 2010, have played over a hundred shows since forming, have opened for Bad Company in front of over 10,000 people, and have released an album titled Twisted Truth. What makes all of this even more impressive? They've accomplished all of this before their 18th birthday." [Read More...]
The Scars Heal In Time Interview
"What bands do you all listen to when you're not making music?

One-Eyed Doll is a huge influence for us so we listen to them a lot. But we really listen to everything. We aren't like those teenagers who only like one type of music. We listen to stuff from Etta James, Nirvana, Patsy Cline, AC/DC, Lady GaGa, The Beatles and Johnny Cash.. To be a successful musician or songwriter you have to dip your toes in all kinds of music. Experience everything. Different styles of music make you feel a different way and therefor inspire you to write different types of songs. Mixing up the music you listen to is the most important thing."
[Read More...]
The Scars Heal In Time: A Little Bit Sugar, A Little Spice & Alot Of Attitude
"During a biker rally, you expect to see bikes, babes, beer… You get the picture.

Sometimes though, it’s not what you see,

but what you find..." [Read More...]